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Income Tax Returns

Oh no, it鈥檚 income tax time! Filling out an income tax return is often a major hassle for the average taxpayer, especially if you are a business owner. The main point to be aware of here is that if you over claim your expenses, under declare your income, or submit your claim late, the result will always be having to deal with tax penalties.

If you are running a business, have investment properties for negative gearing, or own a large share portfolio, your income tax return can become quite complicated. You鈥檒l need a professional accountant because there is potential for a large number of deductable expenses that can reduce your taxable income, yet many people are unaware of how many deductions they are capable of receiving. At Chiu Consulting we analyse the fine details of your tax return in order to maximise your tax reductions.

One of the major issues many people face is the income tax return deadline. If the deadline passes, that is the end of the story. Not even we can do anything to help you. To avoid all potential penalties, we鈥檒l make sure your tax return is lodged on time, and completed correctly.

Tax returns are a cost to the taxpayer, but if done properly it will inevitably save you both time and money. Chiu Consulting ensures every aspect of your tax return is completed properly, so you don鈥檛 get unnecessary attention from the ATO.