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Tax Compliance

Tax Compliance is simply an expense for your business; you report what has happened in your business over the previous year to the ATO. Unlike Tax Planning and Tax Consultancy, there is no aspect of investment or financial benefit to you whatsoever in Tax Compliance. However, it can cost you extra money if you do your tax return incorrectly, or submit it to the ATO late. So, it鈥檚 in your best interest to find a tax agent who knows what they are doing. It鈥檒l save you money later.

In cases of ATO tax audits, if you have done your tax return incorrectly, you may be liable for what you owe, interest on what you owe, as well as a penalty of up to 200% on what you owe in unpaid taxes. This can be very expensive, so not making any mistakes is an imperative. You also need to consider the amount of time needed on your behalf when being audited. If time is money to you, the losses are even greater.

At Chiu Consulting we always endeavour to put ourselves in your shoes. We鈥檒l uncover all of your potential tax deductions, and any associated problems that may occur. We鈥檒l solve these issues before they happen by doing extensive research, following up the aspects of your tax return that might be incorrect.

We notice the fine details that other tax accountants may miss. By pretending we are you, we automatically spend more time to be as thorough as possible. We never rush Tax Compliance. We cover every detail to make sure it鈥檚 correct, and ensure your tax return is lodged on time.

Paying the correct amount of tax equates to being a good citizen. We at Chiu Consulting have 15 years experience doing Tax Compliance. We specialise in working with small to medium sized businesses, family businesses, as well as migrant-owned businesses. When it comes to annual income tax returns, periodical BAS statements, reporting GST, PAYG withholding payment summary annual reports, and ATO audits, the experienced tax accountants at Chiu Consulting have you got covered.