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About Us

Chiu Consulting started back in 1998, with our first office based in Glen Waverley, Melbourne. In 2010 we made the move to Hawthorn East. Chiu Consulting鈥檚 principle accountant, Sam Chiu, received both his BA in Economics (Major in Accounting), and his MA in Taxation from the Monash University. Sam Chiu is a qualified CPA, a registered tax agent, and an Associate Member of the Tax Institute of Australia.

Sam Chiu migrated to Australia from Hong Kong as a teenager in 1987, so he has firsthand experience in what it means to be a migrant in Australia. He specialises in working with migrants and children of migrants, especially those that come from the Southeast Asia region. He speaks English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Sam Chiu is passionate about tax planning, property transactions, the buying and selling of businesses, and business investment in general.

Sam Chiu takes a teaching approach to his services, explaining tax scenarios in fine detail. Very quickly people see that Sam is honest; he truly cares about people. Unlike large corporate entities that treat you like a number, becoming a client of Chiu Consulting means you鈥檝e taken the personal choice.

Sam Chiu thinks about what is best for the client, and this doesn鈥檛 mean simply looking at your accounting numbers. For example, he鈥檇 say no to a large negative gearing plan for someone with anxiety about his or her financial stability. He takes a 鈥榖ig picture鈥 approach, integrating the human aspects of the client into his analysis.

Sam Chiu becomes highly focused when working tax issues 鈥 he 鈥榝lows鈥 when in the 鈥榸one鈥, and time goes by unnoticed. He has no problem at all working for many hours on a single tax issue.

On a personal level, Sam is the kind of person that needs to understand a situation before he can agree to it. He likes painting (he painted all of the artworks on the Chiu Consulting office walls), reading, golf, and generally living a life of quietude. He likes reading Lonely Planet about world cultures, so he can 鈥榢now鈥 people when travelling abroad, as well as about nature in National Geographic.

Sam Chiu cares a lot about his clients, is a fair person, is not judgmental, and likes freedom over boundaries. Chiu Consulting prides itself on being a confidential, loyal, and reliable tax service.