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Welcome to Chiu Consulting

At Chiu Consulting we solve tax problems. Whether you need help with tax planning, tax consultancy, or tax compliance, Chiu Consulting are experts at providing helpful tax advice.

Are you taking all of the correct steps when paying tax? Is your accountancy structure in order? Is your business set up properly? Are you paying too much tax? If you鈥檝e already signed a contract, is it too late to make changes? Are you threatened with being audited because you鈥檙e not complying properly with tax laws? Are risking your entire business because you are inadvertently not complying with the ATO and other statutory requirements?

You may not be lodging your tax on time, paying your workers correctly, collecting the right amount of GST, or claiming the correct GST credit. Chiu Consulting goes the distance to discover the best tax outcomes for you.

Employment Related Tax Issues:

As an employer, you may have issues with paying superannuation late, paying the wrong amount of super, or you may have overlooked specific staff entitlements. How about WorkCover? Forgetting to register can result in needing to pay out of pocket for an injury, or you may face prosecution from WorkSafe. Then there is payroll tax liability. Did you know you that may be liable? Chiu Consulting is here to help take away any unnecessary anxieties you may have.

Tax Structure:

You may be paying too much tax if you鈥檙e not using the optimum tax structure for your business. Should you be a sole trader, partnership, company, super fund, or trust? One tax structure may be good for some businesses, but bad for others. Like a golf swing, everyone鈥檚 situation is different. We鈥檒l find out how you can hit your ball the furthest.

Tax Transactions:

You may be missing out on tax saving opportunities, creating an incentive to purchase more equipment, or make greater contributions to superannuation. What about negative gearing? To do, or not to do?

At Chiu Consulting we specialise in trusts of all types (including family trusts), tax planning to maximise tax reduction, property transactions and investments, and business and property (buying and selling) GST issues.Various accountants at Chiu Consulting speak Chinese, and we have extensive experience working with both in-bound and out-bound investors, as well as new residents for Australian tax purposes.

Chiu Consulting is passionate about tax 鈥 it鈥檚 not just a job to us. We鈥檙e honest, we don鈥檛 hold back, and we love to give you tax advice well in advance. Our loyal clients often describe us as 鈥榯eachers鈥, because we enjoy explaining how tax works. We provide a very personal service, and it pleases us to see a client who after explanation understands their tax situation.

Our clients know they can trust our advice, because we try to put ourselves in their shoes, and do what is best for them, not just for us. We provide helpful advice, but then let you make the final judgment call. At Chiu Consulting, when it comes to tax, we know what we鈥檙e talking about.